Ali Afshar sets new WORLD record for Quickest Subaru Ever!

Breaking records seems to be the “in” thing in 2016. It seems like every weekend, somewhere on a stretch of concrete and asphalt layered with traction compound, a record of some sort has been crushed. The first full weekend of August was no different, as Ali Afshar was behind the wheel for the pass that made his BRZ the world’s quickest Subaru while competing in Top Sportsman at the NHRA Northwest Nationals at Pacific Raceway in Kent, Washington.

Afshar came back out into competition just one week prior during the NHRA national event at Sonoma, running a then-personal best of 7.45 at 182 mph. After leaving wine country, the team pulled the converter out of the car, overnighted it to Joe Rivera at ProTorque in New York, had it freshened and back in the car on Wednesday afternoon, just in time to load up and roll north from his California-based shop.

Coming out of the box, Ali ripped off a 1.09 60-foot time and parlayed it into a 7.22 at 194 mph lap with the updated EV1 converter to run a career best elapsed time, a career best speed by over 12 numbers from Sonoma, and set his name in the Subaru record books!